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Chronicle of the OOCC

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Planet Teltam




Many light years from the Milky Way Galaxy lies the Enorem Cluster. And nestled within the cluster is the Skyagrull Galaxy, and further in… the Mafiltion Solar System, home to a planet known as Teltam. The first of 3 planets orbiting a Red Dwarf and sitting comfortably within the habitable zone, it teems with life, some quite similar to that of Earth, and some not at all.


The planet’s sentient life has divided it into 5 “zones”.


The Forgotten Lands: Home to the pre-history of Teltam. The remnants of thousands of generations lie buried here, as well as a great many mysterious artifacts. It is also home to Fortress Darkheart… an ancient structure of impenetrable metal that is said to house the knowledge and power of a long dead race of aliens.


The Undying Expanse: A wasteland that extends for thousands of miles across the planet’s southern hemisphere. Despite the inhospitable conditions, it is home to several communities who have adapted to them.


The Black Matter Mountains: A huge mountain range that divides The Kingdom of Evernitia and The Bone Sands. The mountains crawl with wild, ferocious creatures, making them very dangerous to pass over.


The Bone Sands: An area of the planet for which most only see the light of the Red Dwarf Sun for 3 days per cycle. The rest of the time, the majority of The Bone Sands are cold, dark, and extremely dangerous. The Bone Sands is an area so named for its off-white sand color, which appears to resemble ground bone. It is ruled by Skullagar from his underground lair, known as The Hole of Despair.


The Kingdom of Evernitia: The most beautiful and habitable areas of the planet are part of The Kingdom of Evernitia, though there are still some areas that are somewhat dangerous to traverse. The Kingdom of Evernitia is littered with towns and villages that thrive and coexist peacefully. When upheaval does occur, the King of Evernitia is responsible for quelling it and restoring peace.


The Skyagrull Galaxy, especially the Mafiltion Solar System, is rife with mysterious particles called the Myragran. These particles can be manipulated in various ways, including shifting into completely different particles. This can only be done using highly advanced technology or via specific genetic abnormalities in life forms present within the galaxy.


Sentient Life

There are millions of forms of life residing on Teltam. Most are non-sentient. However, the dominant forms of life are sentient.


Humanoids: The most dominant form of life on Teltam. Having achieved consciousness, humanoids on Teltam exhibit many of the same qualities as their Earthly counterparts and are capable of equal acts of “good” and “evil”. Teltam humanoids form a loose conglomeration of cultures, each with their own hierarchy and mix of races, creeds, religions, etc.


  • Notable Humanoid Races:


Adamanians – The race of humanoids that most closely resemble Homo sapiens. Adamanians can grow to nearly 9’ in some rare cases, but average height is typically 6’3”. Skin pigmentations can include shades of peach, shades of brown, shades of blue, shades of purple, and shades of green. They are the most tech-savvy and organized race. They tend to live aboveground in towns and villages and prefer peace. They are also the most plentiful race of humanoids on Teltam, outnumbering any other race by at least a 2 to 1 ratio. A typical life span of an Adamanian is about 65 cycles. With very few exceptions, Adamanians are unable to sense or master the Myragran. They have, however, developed technology that can manipulate it in limited ways.


Skullarians – A race of humanoids most identifiable by their coat of fur. Skullarians are an intelligent but somewhat savage race, often finding themselves at war with one-another and other races. They can grow to 10’ in rare cases, but average height for Skullarians is roughly 6’5”. Fur pigmentations can include shades of brown, shades of red, shades of blue, and shades of yellow. They prefer to live underground in cave systems they themselves create. They are quite strong physically, but not well organized. Their life spans are typically around 70 cycles. Somewhat rare anomalies in the genetic code of Skullarians can lead to high sensitivity to the Myragran, allowing for mastery over it through sheer willpower. This ability can allow the Skullarian to extend his/her life span.

Stanbemians – A race of humanoids unmistakable for their fur coats and boney shoulder protrusions. Stanbemians are a physically powerful race but have limited intelligence. They can grow to 10’ in rare cases, but average height is around 6’4”. Fur pigmentations are only ever shades of white, brown, or grey. Stanbemians live in cave communities in the Black Matter Mountains. Each community has its own “alpha”, or leader, who wields complete control over the others… unless the “alpha” is challenged for control. They are a highly savage race, almost never content to coexist peacefully with other communities of their own race, or with other races. Their numbers on the planet have plummeted because of wars they have waged on more advanced races. Their life spans are about 45 cycles on average. No Stanbemian has ever been known to have the capacity for sensing or manipulating the Myragran.


Titanians – A race of humanoids that tower over all others. Titanians are nearly extinct on Teltam, as each generation has become less and less capable of reproducing. Titanians are frightening in their stature, reaching heights of 50’ or more on average. The largest recorded Titanian stood 114’ tall. Aside from this, Titanians are nearly identical in appearance to Adamanians. They are usually of average intelligence, capable of creating some crude technology. Unlike all other humanoid races on Teltam, Titanians speak an ancient, unique language. Although they are mostly a docile race, their size, and the large number of resources they require to survive, make them unwelcome in most places on Teltam. They typically wander the planet pillaging and scavenging for food. Skin pigmentations include shades of peach, shades of brown, and shades of grey. Their life spans are relatively short, averaging about 30 cycles. With only 1 exception, Titanians have not been known to have the capacity for sensing or manipulating the Myragran.


Elementians – The most varied of all humanoid races. Elementians are nearly identical to Adamanians in their early years. However, at a certain age Elementians take the physical form of a humanoid while being completely comprised of Teltam elements. The 5 elements that can be chosen are water (as ice), fire or magma, dirt or clay, stone, and electricity. The element that will comprise the body of an Elementian is determined when he or she reaches the “Age of Encompassing”. A ceremony is held during which they make their choice of element. Once an element is chosen and the process of conversion is complete, it cannot be undone. The conversion to the chosen element is accomplished through an inherent mastery of the Myragran. At birth, Elementians are already capable of manipulating it. Once the process of converting to the chosen element is complete, the Elementian can no longer sense or manipulate the Myragran. They can, however, manipulate their body element in any way they choose. Typically, they grow to an average of 6’4”. However, as their chosen element, they can increase their size by 10 times, though this requires an extra supply of the element outside of themselves. Elementians are intelligent, relatively peaceful, and well organized. Most of them live in communities within the Kingdom of Evernitia. Their life spans average around 175 cycles as their chosen body element. If an Elementian refuses the ceremonial process of elemental conversion, they typically do not live beyond the age of 20. Their fleshly body begins to shut down with the onset of adulthood.


Pentagasts – At different points in the history of Elementians, there have been individuals who have attempted to convert their bodies into a mix of different Teltam elements. However, doing so results in the Elementian’s body trying to convert to all 5 elements. Almost all who have attempted this have perished instantly. However, over the course of recorded Elementian history, there have been 3 instances of this conversion process having been survived. The result is a Pentagast. They are ghostly figures comprised entirely of Myragran. As such, they are capable of things beyond the understanding of others. They have been witnessed transporting instantly to locations on the planet thousands of miles away, displaying near complete control of matter within a small radius, taking solid form using any local element, and much more. All that they are capable of is not yet known. It is assumed that they are immortal, at least within the galaxy they inhabit. Some speculate that if one were contained within a vacuum, absent the presence of Myragran, it would dissipate. Thankfully for all on Teltam, the Pentagasts appear benign. None have been witnessed or accused of harming or attempting to harm another being on Teltam. Their intentions are unknown. When directly confronted, they do not speak or attempt to communicate.


Many other races of humanoids exist on Teltam. However, the Adamanians, Skullarians, Stanbemians, and Elementians together make up nearly 80% of humanoid life.

Animalia: There are hundreds of thousands of different types of animals living on Teltam. Most are harmless and docile, with some even being completely domesticated. There are, however, a variety of dangerous animals as well. While none are a threat to the dominance of humanoids, they can and have clashed with humanoid life on a regular basis.


  • Noteable Animalic Types:


TiDillions – Fearsome beasts that make their home in the Black Matter Mountains, TiDillions pose a great risk to anyone attempting to pass over their territory. They are identifiable by their black, white, or brown fur, single horned head, and deep red eyes. TiDillions walk upright like humanoids. They reach average heights of about 14’, with the largest recorded TiDillion standing 21’. They live in small groups called “rawclaves” and are fiercely loyal to those groups. Their primary means of attack and defense are their razor sharp claws, teeth, and nearly unbreakable horn. They communicate through roars, screeches, and by tapping their horns on hard surfaces.


Smireechs – These mysterious creatures are capable of creating non-living objects from seemingly nothing using an inherent sense of, and ability to manipulate, the Myragran. In actuality they are shifting Myragran particles into other particles, arranging them, and thus creating something new. This ability is also used to communicate with one-another, as every object they create carries some meaning. Smireechs are small, averaging about 2’ in height on average, and come in huge varieties of colors. They walk on their hands and manipulate objects with their much smaller legs and feet. They have large black eyes compared to a tiny nose and mouth. Their large, pointed ears provide them with exceptional hearing. They are quite friendly and harmless unless provoked. To defend themselves they create small projectiles and flee to high places using their powerful arms to climb. They mostly reside in the forested areas of the Kingdom of Evernitia.


Husik Vyle – The Husik Vyle are a type of animal that creates beautiful sound to communicate by exhaling through a “windpipe” located below their pointed black beaks. Husik Vyle can fly thanks to massive, feathered wings that can extend as far as 7’ in length. Their eyes are extremely sensitive to movement and can spot prey from hundreds of feet in the air. They have fan-shaped appendages with feathers that can extend from their backs to the top of their heads when activated, which they use to intimidate predators. Their bodies are covered in long, silky feathers that are usually a mix of blue, red, orange, yellow, white, and brown. Their most effective means of attack or defense are their razor-sharp black talons. They are typically harmless unless they are seeking prey, and can live as long as 35 cycles. Husik Vyle live in flocks in the forested areas of the Kingdom of Evernitia, and in some parts of The Forgotten Lands and Black Matter Mountains.


Draconicans – These massive, reddish-black or dark blue beasts are covered in a nearly impenetrable network of stony scales. Their ability to manipulate these scales using an inherent mastery of the Myragran allows them to become almost invisible to the naked eye. While they can achieve flight using massive, clawed wings, they can only do so for limited periods of time. Draconicans can reach 70’ in length (snout to tip of tail) and 35’ in height on average. The two curved horns on top of a Draconican’s head can send and receive vibrations within the Myragran particles, allowing them to communicate with each other over great distances. These vibrations can also be used as a devastating attack on an enemy, with the strongest vibrations creating tremors that cause massive destruction. They also communicate through roars and growls. While they are extremely dangerous, they do not typically attack without provocation. Draconicans feed on vegetation, so do they do not seek prey. They are few in number and scattered across the planet. However, they all serve one “alpha” Draconican. The location of this “alpha” is not known. It only ever communicates through Myragran vibrations and has never been seen. A Draconican’s life span is estimated to be at least 300 cycles, but possibly even more.


Hipporeemen – Reminiscent of canines, Hipporeemen run on all fours, are covered in a huge variety of colored fur, stalk prey in packs, and utilize their sharp teeth and claws as weapons. Their upper bodies are disproportionately large compared to their hind quarters, which makes them appear very intimidating to their enemies. Each pack serves an “alpha”, however this leader is chosen not by fighting ability or sheer power, but for their ability to effectively locate prey. Unlike canines, Hipporeemen have a poor sense of smell and only adequate vision. Therefore, they must locate prey using their hearing. The leader of the pack is always a member with overly sensitive hearing, for without that member the pack could starve. Hipporeemen can be domesticated, despite their inclination to become savage. If trained properly beginning at the early stages of its life, a Hipporeemen can become a valued asset to a family and even a village, serving to protect and help locate food for its caretakers. A typical life span of a Hipporeemen is roughly 15 cycles… more if domesticated. They make their home in areas of the Kingdom of Evernitia, The Bone Sands, and even in the Black Matter Mountains.


Historic Events




Over millions of cycles, the planet of Teltam has seen its share of amazing feats, terrible wars, and life-changing occurrences. The following are but a few.


The Visit From Afar: At some point in the long history of life on the planet, a small group of alien beings traveled to Teltam and made it their home. Their craft still remains standing in The Forgotten Lands. Over time it became known as Fortress Darkheart, so named for its fortress-like shape and impenetrable walls. Made of an unknown metal, Fortress Darkheart is also protected by a powerful mesh of Myragran particles. Apart from a few bone fragments, no other evidence of the aliens has been found. It is assumed the beings have since died off, leaving only what treasures of knowledge and power might be stored within the massive vessel.


The Rule of Titannica: Long before the other races of humanoids became so plentiful on Teltam, the planet was dominated by the Titanians. Under the rule of their emperor Grore-Twees, they maintained peace and prosperity in their lands... a section of what is now Evernitia that they called Titannica. When a devastating plague left thousands of Titanians dead and even more unable to have children, the rule of Titannica swiftly came to an end. Many Titanian structures still stand in the Kingdom of Evernitia today, though most have been swallowed up by forest vegetation.


The 100 Cycle War: Following the fall of Titannica, a race to be the dominant life on Teltam quickly began to devolve into all out war. Though all humanoid races were involved, most battles were waged by the Adamanians and Skullarians. Both sought to bring what remained of Titannica under their rule. The battles became more and more costly to each side the longer they continued. If not for the intervention of the Elementian Rock and Fire Brigades at the command of Lord Dorran on behalf of their allies the Adamanians, the war may have continued yet another 100 cycles. Instead, the war was ended at a final battleground, where the Castle of Evernitia now stands. The Hordes commanded by the Skullarian Overlord Vultagar were all but wiped off the face of the planet, and Vultagar himself spent the remainder of his life in a prison cell.

The First King of Evernitia: With the 100 Cycle War ended, the Adamanians began their restoration of the lands of Titannica. In order to oversee the massive undertaking, the populace needed a leader. The overwhelming majority of Adamanians clamored for Alv Plesast, a general during the war, to accept the kingship. Alv reluctantly agreed, becoming the first King of the Adamanians. Alv's first act was to provide a new name for the land over which he ruled... dubbing it Evernitia, inspired by a fallen female soldier who saved his life in battle. Alv served as King of Evernitia for 35 cycles before stepping down and naming a successor.


The First Skullarian Master: During the reign of King Plesast of Evernitia, a Skullarian child was born in the unforgiving desert of The Bone Sands. The child suffered from chronic health issues resulting from a genetic abnormality, however the condition also allowed her to tap into power of the Myragran particles... something Skullarians were incapable of. With this ability at her disposal, she was able to perform amazing feats. By age 6, the child posed a serious threat to the enemies of the Skullarians. A rogue group of Elementians took it upon themselves to kidnap the child and imprison her deep within an abandoned underground Skullarian lair. She was never found.

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